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Gold is perhaps the most widely used and popular of metals for use in the design of jewelry, including gold engagement bands. Whether you are looking for 14 karat gold engagement bands, 18 karat gold engagement bands, let Design Bands help select the gold engagement band that is just right for you and your special proposal. Design Bands is a well-established and reputable provider of premium-quality gold wedding bands, including:

  • 14 Karat Gold Engagement Bands
  • 18 Karat Gold Engagement Bands
  • Black Gold Engagement Bands
  • Rose Gold Engagement Bands
  • Two Tone Gold Engagement Bands
  • White Gold Engagement Bands
  • Yellow Gold Engagement Bands

Pure Gold, or 24-karat Gold is considered too soft for use in gold bands, or other gold jewelry, so the gold is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength and durability. The everlasting durability of alloyed gold engagement bands, the symbolism of the eternally circling gold engagement band, and tarnish free nature of high quality gold engagement bands, all lend significance to gold engagement bands as symbols of unending love and devotion.

When the time is right to ask your loved one's hand in marriage, you deserve the very best available selection of gold engagement bands and gold engagement bands. With over 25 years in the jewelry industry, Design Bands have consistently made quality-design, innovation and craftsmanship their top priorities. Combined with great value and personalized customer service, these are the qualities that set Design Bands gold engagement bands apart from the rest.

Nearly all of our gold engagement bands may be custom produced in a Comfort Fit variety. All of our custom design gold engagement band styles are original and manufactured with an artist's eye to proportion, symmetry and aesthetics. Most of our gold engagement bands are available in sizes ranging from 4mm up to 8mm in width and in 14K gold and 18K Gold

We have a wide selection of gold engagement bands on our website, but we have many more selections - including custom design gold engagement bands - to choose from. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us directly. We are a full service gold engagement band manufacturer and we welcome the challenge of special and custom orders.

We also feature a "Price Matching" service on our entire line of gold engagement bands. If you Email a photo and link of another gold engagement band that you like to our sales department, we will try to create and manufacture such a gold engagement band at the lowest possible price.

Depend on Design Bands to provide you with the perfect gold engagement band.